The Scarecrow

The Scarecrow is a human-like replica mounted on the ground (rice fields, gardens, fields, etc.) aiming to scare birds or other animals (rice pest) that will eat or damage the plants. Besides being human-like, there are many other variants that are installed so can make afraid of animals that want to eat or eat plants that are being cultivated. Without us realizing it indirectly, scarecrows and various other variants are symbols or media of nonverbal communication by farmers to animals, pests that will consume their plants. With this media, farmers do not have to be on guard for 24 hours in their garden area.

From this project there is a personal interest. in the delivery of messages applied by farmers with scarecrow media and various objects as symbols to be addressed to animals. It turns out that nonverbal communication is not only used to communicate with anyone we meet, but has an important role as a liaison between humans and other living beings.