The Peaceful Imlek Celebration in Peunayong, Aceh – Indonesia

The peaceful Imlek celebration in Peunayong, proof of religious diversity and tolerance. Peunayong is known as China Town Aceh because so many ethnic Chinese who live and settle and doing their business in the center of the capital of Banda Aceh.

This year Imlek celebration on February 16, 2018 was peaceful and orderly in the Shari’a State. Residents of ethnic Thionghoa who have been hereditary settled in Banda Aceh in the Peunayong region and recorded history they have existed since the 15th century ago. Imlek celebration in the temple as a manifestation of diversity and religious tolerance in the earth Serambi Mekkah, a name for Aceh Province which now has become the name Nanggro Aceh Darussalam.

Since the morning of tens and even hundreds of ethnic Chinese people came to 4 temples in the city of Banda Aceh to pray. The greatest Vihara is the Dharma Bakti Temple. This is where I documenting some activities of Thionghoa people who want to pray in this temple. Even though the smoke of incense burning fills the whole room and the smell of incense is piercing the nose but not a problem, it adds the attraction to see the activities of the people who come to perform the ritual prayer.

The procession can be said to run smoothly with the security apparatus in front of the Vihara entrance. With a peaceful and orderly Imlek New Year celebration is a proof of diversity and religious tolerance is highly respected in the Serambi Mekkah.