After seeing a few incidents that happened lately like natural disasters, accidents and a number of tragedies mean that all of those things could be experienced by anybody, today by them and maybe tomorrow by us, only time and the mystery of life can answer it. One word that was said was “Grateful”. This word is an obligation for us to say to The One and Only God because we’re still breathing and still exist until this day. One of His blessings to us is the perfect body that we have right now in terms of having complete body parts such as hands, feet, head, and the other parts. Now we can smile and be proud because we still have that perfect body, some people even spend their time to take care and spoil parts of their body. One question is, how about those people who don’t have hands or feet? Some others don’t even have both. Could they still be proud of their lives and put a smile on their faces? And ironically do they still believe that God is kind and fair? Let’s ask ourselves, what if those things happened to us? Were we able to answer it? Are we able to take care of our bodies? Or must we destroy it? Try touching our bodies start from the tip of our toes to the tip of our heads and close our eyes. Approximately what words would cross our minds?